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5 Most Embarrassing Moments From The 2014 World Cup

With the countdown to the 2018 World Cup in Russia already underway, it is time to take a look back at what happened during the 2014 edition of the world’s greatest football tournament. Held in Brazil we saw many great moments, and also some pretty embarrassing ones too. While many people will remember the World Cup forever, some people would rather forget what happened when they took to the field.

Here is a look back at the five most embarrassing moments from the 2015 World Cup

5 – Igor Akinfeev concedes a soft goal for Russia against South Korea

This is one that goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev will certainly want to forget. While playing for Russia he conceded a truly terrible goal against South Korea, and the goal proved to be very costly. The goal gave South Korea a one goal lead, but Russia fought back to earn a draw in the end. However, they finished two points short of qualifying for the group and was it not for the mistake by Akinfeev then they may have reached the next stage of the tournament.

4 – Neymar Jr falls while celebrating a goal for Brazil against Colombia

Neymar Jr was just beginning to show us all why he was regarded as one of the best players in the world during 2014, and now he is a household name that we all know and enjoy watching. However, just as he showed us in 2014, it doesn’t always go to plan, even for the best footballers in the world. During a game against Colombia in the quarter finals, Brazil took a 1-0 lead and the players all headed to the corner to celebrate their goal. Neymar Jr was one of the last players to attend, but just as he went to join in the celebrations he slipped and fell on the floor. He was able to continue playing, but was left red faced after the event and it is something his team mates will never let him forget about.

3 – Thiago Silva’s stupidity causes yellow card and suspension

In 2014 the whole world was focusing on Brazil, they were the host nation and were expected to go very close to winning the tournament. They played Colombia in the quarter finals and things were going very well for them when Thiago Silva did something stupid and ultimately very costly. He interfered with the Colombian goalkeeper and earnt himself a yellow card for nothing. Unfortunately for Silva that yellow card gave him a one game suspension for the semi-finals, a game Brazil went on to lose 7-1 against Germany. No one will need to remind Silva of his mistake, the chance to play in a World Cup semi-final in your home country doesn’t come along again, and to this day he will regret that mistake.

2 – The German free kick fail

Germany vs Algeria in the last 16 round was a lot closer than anticipated by many. With just three minutes left in the game it was still a 0-0 draw, however the Germans had a free kick in a dangerous position. They tried a training ground routine that involved two players falling in an attempt to try and fool the Algerians. Unfortunately for Germany none of this worked and in the end the ball never made it past the Algerian wall. Luckily for Germany they went on to win the game in extra-time, but that free kick was certainly not a highlight of theirs from the tournament.

1 – The Luis Suarez bite on Giorgio Chiellini

This is one of the most famous clips in the world of football, not just from the 2014 World Cup but forever. Luis Suarez takes a bite out of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during the game between Uruguay and Italy in a moment he will never forget. Suarez has a record of doing this, and it is not nice to see, especially on the biggest stage of them all, when all eyes are focused on football. This is an incident that Suarez certainly won’t forget, and one that we hopefully don’t see again at the forthcoming World Cup in Russia.